Ayrton Senna da Silva --- 25 Years On --- A Moving Documentary

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The intention for this film was to commemorate perhaps the greatest and most passionate Grand Prix racing driver of all time. He gave it everything, and I wanted to make a film which showed all of his many sides - the driver, the challenger, the winner, the sportsman, with some relaxed conversation (which got cut).

2006: I originally made this documentary by collecting extremely low resolution youtube videos between 2006-2009. I wanted to just touch on Ron, Jo, and Alan Prost, as those would make a separate film. I let Ayrton explain things by himself, without overdubbing a commentary or narration. And I let the people explain things as they did at the time - not just interviewing the same people today; - where their memories have faded and generalisations creep in. So its a time capsule back to that era. I almost put WARNING: THIS MAY MAKE YOU CRY! in the film, as it always does with me.

2009: I burned the film to DVD, and printed a colour case cover, and cover sticker for the DVD disc. I made this to try to come to terms with the loss, by editing together this doco, and to face the tragedy and venting those feelings.

July 2018: . It sat on the shelf for many years until the Summer of 2018, when I got the idea to release the film in time for the 25th anniversary in Spring 2019. But when I copied the disc onto my computer, some of it had corrupted due to disc rot. It was a shame to lose the final 10mins of the film, but it seemed to make sense to end it on the corruption, and fade out there.

When I watched the recovered film I was shocked! - as it didnt look edited or anything like how I remembered it. So I spent the next few months editing the film to how I clearly remembered it in my mind. I inserted two new 5 second clips, an outside angle of the Brazil race, and another was a Russian clip of Ayrton walking away from the car at Imola in 1992.

Nov: 2018: When I originally made this film, I intentionally used low resolution footage to try to get around the youtube footage piracy laws, and not get a strike. This was a very different situation to how it is today. The film was originally 4:3, but today the standard is 16:9, so I made all the footage widescreen by zooming slightly (not stretching). This means the footage is even more blocky. I planned to upload in time for the 1st of May 2019.

March 2019: V1 - After uploading V1, Youtube banned it worldwide, for containing clips of an interview Senna did in Brazil. This was a key part of the film, and cropped up a number of times - like 'an audience with' Ayrton, which I though would have made nice reflective periods in the film. But all those clips had to be removed, and those parts of contemplation, laughter and sorrow along with them - including a bonus ending of the whole film with Reubens Barrichello.

April 2019: Uploaded V2. Youtube reported that the clips used in the first introductory montage were from Racing Is In My Blood; which they weren't; I used a low-res edit of Eurosport footage I found on youtube in 2007. But I couldnt get the block removed, so reluctantly I edited in a new intro montage, using the same music as the original DVD, but with edited footage from the Artron Senna Drivers Eyes documentary. I didnt like to use it, as apart from being copyright, the footage is MUCH sharper than the DVD rescued material, and stands out when the action cuts back to the DVD rescued footage at Monaco. But maybe by mentioning Drivers Eyes, more people will buy that film, and give money to the makers. I'm not in this for money, but if you'd like to make a donation or contact me, Paypal or email lifeschool22@gmail.com.

Mid April: The V3 of the film finally uploaded today and came up with another worldwide ban, this time for using footage of the end of the race in 1991 in Brazil where Senna won. I couldn't bare to look into this, and was fed up with the long list of legal notices, so I put the project on hold.

May 2019: V3b Uploaded. Left the film until after the official date of Imola, in case this spoiled those commemorations in some way. Going back to the editor once again, I tried different clips of the Brazil race to see how much of it was copyright/banned. Luckily I had the full race by the American ESPN/PBS team, from Japan, Brazil from TV Globo, and the UK version. I used the PBS version in the end, and it felt good to be able to include Bob Varsha and the American commentators. I also added a bonus ending to the film, to end it on a lighter note, as we see Ayrton spinning out in a wet 1989 Adelaide, in which he later hit the back of Martin Brundle's car, and drove around on 3 wheels for a bit.

22nd May 2019 - V3c - I made the music to the first montage a little too loud in this render, but I cant bring myself to render it again and upload the 8GB file again to fix it.

Something like this would cost millions to make legally, and would be too depressing or moving to be deemed popular enough to make, so I made it.

Thank you.

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