LAZER - Custom YouTube Intro - Created in Adobe After Effects CC - YouTube Clinic

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WOW! Check this out: "MIND BLOWN!! Shooting slow motion nature footage with the Freevision Vilta-M - YouTube Clinic" --~--
Want a custom intro for your YouTube channel? Get in touch with us now!

The YouTube Clinic is here for all who want to make the most of YouTube.


There are thousands of videos on YouTube promising to tell you the secrets of digital success, promising success based on their "inside knowledge". The YouTube Clinic is built on real-life experience, real-life successes, built on real-life lessons learned.

If you are an aspiring or experience vlogger, we are here to help you achieve what you are setting out to achieve through how-to videos, tutorials, guides, comparisons and demonstrations.

Should you be using Canva or Adobe Spark to make your thumbnails? Maybe you're thinking about using Photoshop or GIMP? What are the benefits (and risks) of converting your YouTube channel from a personal channel into a brand channel? How can you use titles, tags and descriptions to get views on your videos from the suggested video bar and YouTube search? How can you make your videos more engaging? How can you drive up video views and channel subscribers? What tools can you use to monitor your successes and failures? What's does it mean to have a niche?

From uploading your first video, to gaining 100,000 subscribers, from using chromakey technology to an exploration of the different software content creators can use to bring their dreams to life.

We talk equipment, strategy, techniques and motivation - all to give you all the help you need to succeed on YouTube!

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