SpaceX Acknowledged The Destruction of Its Crew Dragon & Elon Musk Published New Vision of Starship

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SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has recently published new renders of what a possible Moon or Mars colony would look like once the private space company sets up its base outside of Earth, with company’s updated stainless steel Starship, offering glimpses of the spacecraft on both the Moon and Mars.
The billionaire took to social media platform Twitter to share graphical representations of the SpaceX Starship showing the shiny SpaceX sitting on the bare ground on the two celestial surfaces. The image was the SpaceX CEO’s response regarding a question about the future spacecraft.
SpaceX has long had its eyes on getting humans to the Red Planet. The company has made provisional plans to make a beach-head on Mars in the 2020s, that will then expand into a future human colony.
Last December, Musk promised to provide a full technical presentation about the Starship program once the StarHopper starts flying.
These images are renderings based upon the scientific data and the current blueprints for the Starship.
In this video, Engineering Today will discuss Elon Musk visions of SpaceX Starship to launch on Mars and Moon. Where Musk indicated that Starhopper could handle landing and re-launching from a surface that is not perfectly flat. SpaceX Starship’s primary destinations have remained stable. Crew Dragon 'Anomaly' doesn’t impact on SpaceX Starship mission where SpaceX Confirms Crew Capsule Was totally destroyed in Test 'Anomaly', Could Affect Crew Launches.
Let’s get into details.

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Voiceover by Scott Leffler --

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Special Thanks to NASASpaceflight – bocachicagal for Local Starship photos

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