Tone Vays Interview - State Of Crypto And Bitcoin In 2018

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Today we have a special guest on the channel, Tone Vays.

0:30 Who is Tone Vays, how he got into Bitcoin in 2013
2:20 Who can do well with trading, what skills it requires?
3:50 Why most people fail in trading
6:16 Good opportunities to make money in the current market?
8:48 Opinion on Bitcoin - Lower prices ahead
9:52 Altcoins
10:45 Ethereum prediction
11:40 What businesses/solutions are needed in the space?
14:52 Ripple
15:45 How to start projects anonymousely
20:40 Security tokens
25:55 What's your vision for the Crypto space in 5 years?
33:35 The Internet bubble
36:35 Crypto projects failing
38:30 Favorite Crypto communities in the world
43:00 Where are the smart people in Crypto
43:18 Final words

If you're also a Crypto influencer and want to do an interview hit me up on TG @thecryptosphere2

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